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Housing - K Front Pin

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Furniture-less housing for MP5K trigger group.  Fits MP5K's with front push-pin style trigger group attachment. Allows user to utilize AR trigger, safety, and grip of their preference. Lightweight, ergonomic upgrade over original housing allowing for a much better trigger. Housing made from MJF PA11 Nylon. Ejector Lever and Pin machined from 4140 steel. All parts made in USA.

Requires AR-15 Small-Pin Trigger set,  AR-15 Safety Lever, Spring, and Detent,  and AR-15 Grip.

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  • Use AR triggers with full power hammer springs.
  • The MP5 bolt carrier compresses the AR style hammer slightly more than an AR bolt carrier. Many two-stage triggers like Geisseles do not have the same range of motion, and are not compatible in stock form.
  • Drop in triggers with sloped cassettes like the Rise Armament RA-240, Timney Competition, JP FC-M will fit in the housing. 
  • Drop in triggers with tall cassettes like Timney Impact and PCC, Triggertech, Rise Armament RA-434 Rave PCC Rave 140, Midwest Industries Drop in, and CMC will not fit.
  • Mil-spec, and other AR triggers that do not have a cassette will fit.
  • Binary triggers do not work.


  • The Sporting Trigger Group has a different contour than the standard AR lower.
  • A2, Magpul MOE-K, Daniel Defense, and Griffin Armament A3 pistol grips will work.
  • Any Pistol Grip with a Backstrap tang that extends higher than the Pistol Grip’s mounting surface, may not fit. 


  • Most AR Safety levers are compatible with the Sporting Trigger Group.
  • The Housing’s Ejection Lever Pin features prevent a safety from rotating a complete 180 degrees.
  • Ambidextrous safeties with a tall indicating point may make contact with the top of the Trigger Group.